By and For Ballerinas

Your new pointe shoes, customizable and durables
Their interchangable shanks offer you the confort and versatility that you need

On the way with you...

At DeVallet we know how hard it is to find the perfect pointe shoes. That's why we want to move forward with you to make your feet look perfect on stage.

Now your pointe shoes will last much longer at their optimum condition


Our interchangeable Insouls allow you to choose the hardness you need at every instant


Customize your pointe shoes to get the maximum comfort

Joint the DeVallet family

Customize your pointe shoes! Several colours so you can choose the one that suits your skin colour the most. Complete a short questionnaire for a free and online personal advice. Scan your feet with the 3D Avatar Feet App and get your measurements.
A new experience created by and for ballerinas. Customize your Insouls by choosing the hardness and type that you need. Select the quantity that you want and enjoy being always ready for dancing!
Monthly or quarterly customized shipments. Choose the quantity of Insouls that you need and we will take care of everything. With our subscription plan you get a discount on the overall price of the Insouls.

If it's your first order, you can try them at home!

We know that buying pointe shoes without trying them on is risky. That's why we give you the possibility of choosing up to 2 pairs of pointe shoes and 4 pairs of Insouls so you can try them at home for 5 days. We will prepare your order, send it to you, and then pick it up. You only have to decide what you are going to keep.

How does it work?

1.  Customize up to two different models

Add them to the shopping cart and make your order.


2. Flying to your home

We'll start working on your order straight away so your pointe shoes arrive as quickly as possible


3. Try them on at home

Try them on and keep what you want . You have 5 days to decide.


4. Pick up

A courier will pick up what you don't want to keep and ... congratulations! You are already part of the DeVallet family.

Get to know our story

Once upon a time...

There was a girl who dreamt to be a great ballerina one day. Since she was 4, she started working for her dream and, when she was 11, it was the greatly anticipated moment: her first pointe shoes. She soon realised that the ballerinas are the strongest human beings on planet Earth. They are capable of making the most difficult tasks seem easy, of taking their body to the limit, of tolerating pain. Ballet means effort, sacrifice, discipline and suffering. Ballet means emotion, beauty, art and passion. When you look back, you know that it was worth it.

The girl, already a teenager, went to London to fight for her dream, but an injury made her give up on ballet for many years. However, she was unable to turn off the feeling of longing for dancing, so she found a small dance school where she could enjoy and meet up again with that long-time friend.

That’s when she dusted off an old pair of brand-new pointe shoes. Although they were not perfect, they made her feet look pretty. When she had to buy a new pair, she eagerly went to the ballet shop and, when she tried them on, she realised that the pointe shoe model had completely change and it didn’t fit her anymore. Because she was really stubborn, she decided to buy them anyway, but the only thing she got out of this new pair was a bunch of foot blisters. Sadly, she had to use again her old pointe shoe model that she had been wearing before going to London.

At that moment, she realised that if she wanted to find the perfect pointe shoes, she had to design them by herself. So she started working on it.

During her journey, a person with the same ambition and enthusiasm crossed her path and stayed besides her. Musician and with a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, he had closely lived the world of ballet because of her little sister. Aware of all the issues related to pointe shoes, and eager to improve the quality of life of the ballerinas, he applied all his knowledge to the project with one aim, make the ballerinas feel like they were flying.

Tell us your story

At DeVallet we want to know your experiences with pointe shoes to be able to perfectionate our products. If you're not a customer yet, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us how would your perfect pointe shoes be. If you are already a customer, tell us what you think about our shoes.