Cookies policy

1. General information about cookies

User trust is important to us, and therefore, in DeVallet we are concerned about protecting your privacy. An important aspect of this is to provide you with as much information as possible about how we use your personal data, including how we use local data storage and similar technology.

Local data storage involves storing different types of data locally on your device through your web browser. Locally stored data may, for example, contain user settings, information about how you navigate our website, what web browser you use, what advertisements have been displayed, and similar behavior on websites with which we collaborate. Locally stored data may be used to personalize content and features on our services so that your visits are more convenient and meaningful.

One method of local data storage is cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (PC, mobile phone or tablet) that allow us to recognize your web browser. Cookies contain information primarily about your web browser and any activity that has occurred in it. They help us guarantee the security and optimal functioning of our website, once you leave our website these are eliminated (security cookies and session cookies) and collect information about the products that our internet visitors are interested in and how navigate through our website to make our online offers more attractive to users (tracking cookies).


2. Supplementary cookie information

We use local data storage for a number of purposes, such as: to allow us to perform our services; provide you with relevant, personalized content when you visit our websites; measure and analyze traffic to our website; improve our services; and target targeted advertising. Here are more details on these topics:


  • for our advertising

We use local data storage in connection with advertising activities. This allows us to know if and how often the user has seen an advertisement or a certain type of advertisement, and how long it has been since they saw it.

We also use local data storage to build segments and target groups for marketing purposes and to target targeted advertisements.


  • To analyze and improve our services

We use various measurement tools that provide us with statistics and analysis related to our services. These tools allow us to recognize the web browser over time and find out if the user has visited the website before and if so, how often. These tools give us the ability to get an overview of how many unique users we have and how they use our services.

We also use the information we have collected and analyzed to develop and improve our services; for example, finding out which services generate a lot of traffic or seeing if a service is performing optimally.


  • To deliver and tailor the services to your use

Local storage of data is required and necessary in order to enable you to use our services, such as information about your settings, which tells us how the services should be presented in your web browser.

We also use local data storage to tailor our services to your use as best as possible.


3. Cookie management

You can disable cookies or set your browser to notify you when a cookie is sent to you.

The settings in your web browser usually show a list of all the cookies that have been stored to provide you with an overview and, if you wish, to delete unwanted cookies. Normally, you can indicate that you accept the storage of cookies from the websites you visit or from third parties affiliated with those websites. You can also choose to be notified each time a new cookie is stored. Guidance on how to do this in different web browsers is provided below. Your web browser normally stores cookies in a specific folder on your hard drive so that you can examine the content in more detail as well.

However, the cookies that are present on the website change frequently, and not all cookies are equally important. Therefore, if DeVallet changes the use of tracking cookies, you will be notified with a message.

There are also services available that have been specially developed to provide users with an up-to-date list of cookies and other tracking mechanisms.

Please note that if you deactivate them, you may not be able to enjoy all the functionalities of our website.

Below you will find some links for managing and blocking cookies depending on the browser you use:



4. How to prevent cookies from being stored in your web browser



  1. Go to Settings in your browser menu.
  2. Select the Privacy and Security tab.
  3. Under Cookies, select your preferred option. If you want to prevent all cookies from being stored, click Don't allow sites to store data.


  • Cookies social networks. Are cookiesallow you to share website content with social media platforms (eg Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). We have no control over these cookies, since it is the social media platforms themselves that configure them. In section 3 on pixels and social plug-ins you can learn more about how cookies are used. cookies of social networks along with social plug-ins.


  • Cookies of advertising. Are cookiesThey allow us to show you personalized advertisements on third-party websites based on the interests you have expressed in our products and services during your visit to our website. Are cookies they do not collect information that identifies you, all information is anonymous.


  • We may advertise on our website based on your interests, including technology for targeted advertising or marketing. retargetingand remarketing) provided by third parties (“third party providers"), What:


    • CCriteo SA,Paris, France
    • DoubleClick,a division of Google Ireland Limited, Dublin, Ireland
    • Google Analytics Advertising a service of Google Inc., Mountain View, , USA
    • Facebook,Ireland Limited, Dublin, Ireland
    • Instagram LLC, Menlo Park, USA
    • Adform A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark


to analyze how you browse our website. This allows us to show you personalized ads. For these purposes, they are stored cookies on your computer. During your visit to our website, neither third-party providers nor we collect personalized data, only anonymized data. The use of this technology fully complies with the relevant legislation on data protection. Using this data, we can, for example, target you with advertisements on third-party websites, tailored to your interests in our products; that is, after your visit to our website, in which you showed interest in a certain series of products, this technology may later show you more information in the form of advertisements, while you browse another website. Our goal in using this technology is to best tailor the available information to your interests and to make your Internet experience as informative as possible. However, you can adjust your browser settings so as not to store these cookies and to delete the cookies already stored. In the following links you will find the opt-out functions of the third-party providers:


  • Criteo
  • DoubleClick


Anonymous data generated when using Google Analytics Advertising Features may be used for reporting on demographics and interests, as well as reporting on network impressions.


5. What are pixels and social plugins, which ones do we use and how can you opt out?

We also use other technologies on our website that allow us and third-party providers to offer you a more personalized and engaging experience on the Internet, for example, by showing you ads on your social media channels that are more relevant to you or by allowing you to share your experiences on our website. website through social networks. Therefore, we use the following technologies:

– Facebook pixels. Facebook pixels are small programs that appear as pixel-sized, virtually invisible “dots” on our website that create a link between your visit to our site and Facebook. When the pixel is loaded, Facebook places a cookie called "fr" on your computer, which allows you to offer more personalized ads, but also to evaluate and improve the ads. This cookie has a duration of 90 days. You can find more information about Facebook cookies at: Please note that once the “fr” cookie is placed, Facebook will be able to track your browsing pattern on other websites that have implemented a Facebook pixel or social plugin.


– Social plugins. Social plugins are small programs that create a link between your visit to our website and a third party provider's social media platform. Thanks to the social plugin, the third party provider will be able to know that you visited our website and receive cookies that you have previously placed on your computer. We use social plugins from the following third-party providers:



Click on the URL of each of these third-party providers to learn more about their add-ons. Please note that we cannot control how these social plug-ins work, the data they collect, or what the Third Party Provider does with the information. For more information about how these third party providers use your personal data collected through their social plugins, you can consult their respective privacy policies.

We make use of the latest update of the Facebook Pixel by which Facebook may deposit its own cookies and use those of DeVallet to obtain information for its advertising activity.

You can go to access a mechanism that allows you to take action on this decision in and


6. Contact information

For greater transparency, if you have any questions regarding the use of local storage on our website, please contact us at, indicating in the subject “Cookies Policy”.


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